God, Vitalsource is horrible

I can’t imagine people can actually read off this thing, no page jumping, slow scrolling speed, crash every now and then, low resolution… expect the pass rate to be even lower this year across all 3 exams…!

I got a refund and bought the books

Try it on your iphone. Incredibly painful experience. Why are they afraid to just send PDFs? Do they think there will be a black market for non test takers interested in illegal PDFs of CFA curriculum? What a joke - if you are taking the test you are forced to buy them anyway. If you are not taking the test you couldnt possibly be interested.

There are many other solutions for CFAI to choose from…but you wonder what they do with all that revenue they generate every year, which i think is more than $200 million dollars!

i bet you somebody at vitalsource is a relative with somebody at CFAI

The downloaded version, Bookshelf, isn’t so bad. That program allows good word searches, although I’ve found a number of things that are not indexed.

Bookshelf is okay, but why can you not jump pages? Drives me crazy! I’m mainly gonna use that only for EOC questions.

You might want to try downloading a program called universal document converter. It lets you convert from that vitalsource crap version to a pdf. It’s not free, $30 I think but you get to keep it forever.

Are u kidding me? How small to read on iPhone. I use bookshelf on iPad and that looks ok, but yes it could be much better in PDF.