Godfather Remake


Michael Bay? This isnt real lol


Just saw trailer for remake of “The Mummy”. Did anyone ask for this?

Mummy seems too new of a franchise to already have a remake, but I approve of the move to replace the Rock and the bald guy with hot chick mummy…

Knowing the way Hollywood is, they are going to make the same changes they did to ghostbusters and really screw it up.

^ while you just want to use this as an opportunity to complain about liberals, the real answer will depend on how ticket sales were to that remake. Idk how they were, but if so more will come out like that. Either way I really cant think of many remakes that I really enjoyed. The best remakes tended to be really old flicks from the 50’s that were moderately popular but not box office smashes. I really hate anyone that buys a ticket to pretty much any remake though, or to the fast and furious series. They are the problem with cinema in this country. We get way too much crap because idiots keep paying to see them.

The godfather was so good and such a classic, should not be touched. Only time it makes sense to do a remake is if the film feels dated, watch the godfather it certainly doesnt feel dated. The acting & cinematography is still spectacular.

^ I googled and saw a couple articles that said the estimated loss was $70 million

while i dont think it did well those figures are usually garbage due to the old hollywood accounting tricks. Didnt Lord of the Rings series technically turn no profit too? HA.

That said, I hope it did poorly so they stop remaking classic films. No need to do a Ghostbusters reboot. No need to make a godfather one. This needs to end.

What’s wrong with remakes? Some are really great and win lots of awards, like Departed, True Grit, or that one with the Swedish vampire little girl. It’s just that you are not exposed to the truly crappy forgotten movies of the 1980s or so. So, the survivorship bias makes people think old movies were better. New Ghostbusters wasn’t a bad movie; it just wasn’t as original as the old movie, and it didn’t have the irreplaceable talent of Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd.

Plus, it’s not like remakes are crowding out original movies. The whole Oscar list is artsy stuff that I never heard of. Those things exist if you want to see them. You don’t like Fast and Furious? Just go watch 12 Year Slave or something.

yes, like what they did with the lord of the rings, the ones that focused on froddos dad were subpar :-1:

I wouldn’t mind a remake so long as it was directed by Chazz Palminteri and starred DeNiro

fair enough points ohai, i never said old movies were better, just that i didnt care for classics to be remade. There are exceptions though, True Grit is certainly one. I wasnt even aware The Departed was one, I see its an American version of a Hong Kong film so tbh thats a little different as translating foreign films makes sense.

Keep hearing about the Scorsese film The Irishman that Netflix picked up, way more excited about that than any possible remake of the godfather

Ghost busters lost $70M, LOTR trilogy made several billion dollars in profit on $3B box office gross and $3B in dvd and ancillary markets. The only people that didn’t make money on it were the Tolkien heirs, which may have been what you read.

the mummy is going to be jewish

Movies are for entertainment “they” can make as much crap as they want you don’t have to see them. Making a remake doesn’t destroy the integrity of the original.

The first time I saw “Psycho” was actually the remake with Vince Vaughn. It had terrible reviews and everyone was up and arms over it for ruining the the original masterpiece. Having no experience with Hitchcock and only somewhat familiar with the original I watched the movie and was blown away. I eventually saw the original and eventually pretty much all of the major Hitchcock movies. Not sure I would have without first seeing the remake.

Sounds like a bad idea.