Going back and re-studying after passing L3

Passed level 3 last year, have one year of work experience left. I feel a bit guilty; one year after completing the entire program, I forget a lot of the finer details of major topics (not the overall ideas though). I know that the program is also a way of thinking more than just memorizing crap, and preparing for the exams combined with my work experience to date has certainly helped develop a strong analytical/questioning mindset, but I feel a little guilty when i can’t recall finer details that I put so much time into studying.

FRA for example, I’m doing/reading a lot more company specific research now and have a context to go back and re-read critical details in the curriculum. I work on a trading desk, I’m not drilling down into every single number that comes out. That context is helping things stick a lot more than just getting ready to puke it out on the page on a single day. So is not having a deadline to get it done by. I have a strong feeling of “shit, should I be able to recall all this on the spot right now?”

I realize that you’re not meant to be able to recall *every* detail… there’s simply too much, but I mean major topics like FRA, equity, etc…I feel like I should be able to explain it to someone studying it who is having problems. Am I nuts for going back re-reading stuff? Anyone else ever go back and re-read stuff, or am I nuts?

I’ll review the Schwesher quick sheets before a round of interviews.

Read the book - ‘How we Learn’ by Benedict Carey.