Going down...

It seems that you will never feel 100% prepared with this exam… I am going in depression… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The point is “pass the exam” not “pass with 100% in each section”. Chear up!

But I just feel that considering the current market enviroment…(a lot of people fired and without a job), there should be far many candidates compared to prior years. Hence, the questions will be harder in order to balance the result (always a 38/40% must be the pass rate)… I dont know…this is just my impression

you’re so full of impressions:) get over it! move on!:slight_smile:

Ok, thanks map, let me work in SS15 and 16…if I will find any nice question I will kee you update… I know you love that one! :slight_smile:

Now we’re talking!:slight_smile: Let me know when you need some a** kicking:))