Going Global - CFA Level 2 Study Group


We have started a CFA Level 2 study group via online conference (Yahoo Messenger). Currently we have 3 confirmed members of the group which includes me (Sydney, Aus), and two others from India and Canada.

For those who are intersted in joining our study group, please private message me on this forum and I will connect you to the group. It may be valuable as a way to bounce ideas on questions/key concepts and to keep on track with the studies (helps when you feel like you are doing it in a group).

We currently meet at 10/11pm Sydney Time, three times a week and are having our first meeting today in 8 hours time.

Our first topic is Equities, and completed Study Session 10/11 with the view to speed up as we near the 5 month left mark!

All the best with the studies.



Hello Deddy, I would like to participate in your group. I live in Singapore, so the local time would be around 7PM which is fine for me. I will download the yahoo messenger, if you could send me the details I need to contact with you guys. Please let me know what the next topic is, and whether you are working from some kind of schedule. Thanks. Vincent

I really think you guys should join the skype group. Add me : chaitanyamanot on skype, and I can introduce you to the rest of the group. We’ve covered Equities and will be doing Corp Fin this weekend.