Going on holiday!!

So i’ve finished reading the books and doing all the BB and EOC except for Ethics and GIIPS. To be fair i’m not sure I understand all of the topics as well as i should and i’m going away for 2 weeks on holiday which does worry me a little.

I am planning on taking my tablet and reading Ethics on the plane. And also taking my notes to try and drill in some concepts. I also have secret sauce which I’ll read too during travelling.

What is the plan for Ethics from you guys?.. How are you going to learn it all?..

Ethics? havent we done the same thing for levels 1 and 2?

Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct.

Holiday sounds nice. Where you going?

Enjoy your holidays and congrats on being ahead of schedule.

I haven’t studied much ethics yet. I plan on reading Volume 1 parallel to the rest.

Rio, Iguazu falls, BA, Patagonia and then home.