Going Out Tonight

I’m going out tonight…should be studying as my studying has been light this week. Can’t study on Friday night for some reason and staying in and watching TV doesn’t do much…so might as well go out. Seems to me, I get more done when I diversify my time. Thoughts?

just don’t go too big so you’re not in the hurtbox tomorrow.

I skipped last night…I have at least 30 hours of study time in front of me this weekend. Only 2 more week and then I can really enjoy myself. The reason I am not going out is not so much for the study time lost tonight, but for the study time I would inevitably lose tomorrow.

I completely agree with wandeingcfa. I chose to go out on wed because i needed a change of pace so i didn’t burnout. I figured the wed would force me to behave considering i would have to go to work the next day. That didn’t work out so well, and i was pretty much out of commission all day thursday. You just have yourself.

Go out. Have fun. A night of entertainment frees your mind and that’s crucial. Just don’t get wasted because that won’t do you any good tomorrow.

going out? what is that? you mean going to study at a starbucks on a friday night instead of the library? fun? what is this fun you are talking about? what does it do?

Sometimes I regret starting the CFA program so late in life (36 yrs old). Other times, not so much. Like when I read posts like this, and I realize that when I was 22, or 24, or 27, or however the F*ck old you guys are, I was out every single Thurs, Fri and Sat drinking my face off and laying pipe. So I guess there are pros and cons for everything. As I write this, my 3 year old daughter is climbing on me and I can guarantee you that I’m not going out tonight.

What reading is this fun from?!? I have no idea, I’m drawing a complete blank card here. Is it anything like Molodovsky?

Calculating the value of a swap. Any swap. Fun. Lots of it.

I’m with Smarshy (turn 36 in June)…I couldn’t have done the CFA in my 20’s…age has forced discipline on me, I wouldn’t be going out tonight regardlesss.

Smarshy, that’s what all that pipelaying will get you…the 3 year old that is :wink: I totally concur…I don’t remember my 20s…I’m told I was fun. Couldn’t fathom sacrificing that then…but kids and wife go to bed at 9pm now so not much lost. This long weekend will blow though…