Going the extra mile...is it worth it?

Working hard and push the limit is expected, but when is it enough?

Investment bank intern, 21, who worked ‘until 6am for three nights in a row’ is found dead http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2397527/Bank-America-Merrill-Lynch-intern-Moritz-Erhardt-dead-working-long-hours.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

Tragic loss…

Moritz Erhardt rest in peace.

They could have selected a better picture though. Why did it have to be the one where he is in a ralph lauren shirt with a tie on and suspenders, posing in front of a cow picture?

A moment of silence for the fallen.

It was enough after the first all-nighter.

Rest in peace

money makes people crazy

That’s the thing about finance… sometimes i wonder if it’s worth it. that’s why i rather make less money but have more personal time and do things more worthwhile.

I know a lot of professionals work long hours and probably do not make extraordinary income, say doctors, but they are saving lives!!! so i guess it’s worth it to sacrifice yourself for others in a way, but finance… it’s just a numbers’ game.


Doctors make a lot. I feel bad for people working double shifts at the diner to pay for their kids food.

I read somewhere that interning in one of the major I-banks is worse than a military boot camp.

Going the extra mile is only worth it if it brings you closer to a goal of living a better life in the future. I’d gladly work 80 hours a week for 1 year if it means I can retire 2 or more years earlier than otherwise for example.

Three all nighters?? That’s it?? Everyone knows that’s what you have to do in banking. During my internship at Lehman Brothers I had a roommate who worked at JP Morgan who would work at least three in a row almost every week. He left one Thursday morning for work and didn’t make it back home until the following Tuesday for a change of clothes and then back to the office. When I was at Banc of America I had a buddy who was at Wachovia securities that worked more ridiculous hours than this guy. The compensation is tremendous though but they own you. You only need to do it for a short period of time though. My hours were great and I still worked 14 hour days. I put in my 5 years on wall street, albeit in Fixed Income research, and left when I had enough.

Not all doctors make THAT much money… again, we are talking about a decade of studying and residency and not necessarily making a lot of money for a long time until, if you are good enough, to become a specialist.

But perhaps US is different.