going through CFAI books

I am planning to read all the Schweser study notes once again in next 10 days. But I do not know what to do with the CFAI books. There are 3000 pages, there is no time to read even a small percentage of them. I wonder if anyone is interested in going through CFAI book together and looking for important topic Schweser has missed or not covered well. It is best to give page number so that we can target just most important areas. The idea it that we have at least covered a part of CFAI books so that we can feel more confident going into the exam on June. 7th. I will start with something here. Book1, page 387, MA model, page 395, ARMA model. Page 578-579. Balance of payment approach.

i have actually been reading CFAI books + schweser together for my second go around. My first pass was schweser only. This time I am reading mainly off of CFAI and use schweser as a back up when CFAI goes off into too much detail. CFAI has some great examples and derivations of formulas that help me remember them better. Overall CFAI hasn’t been that bad…

Welcome back. LongOnCFA. I remember you from level 1 forum. I have ambitious plan to read both in the beginning. But I got swamped by work and studied mostly with Schweser, only read a small part of CFAI. I know I have missed a quite few things here and there. Every time I open CFAI book, I can find things that I have never covered. If you are interested, please post the most important topic you think we should study a bit more.