Going through the topic quizzes using Kaplan prep and not getting great scores, should I worry?

So I purchased the Kaplan Schweser prep material (self-study, basic version) and I have been following the study plan. However, after every topic, QBank questions and Topic Assessments my average scores are around 71% on exams and 70% QBank.

I am still in the first run going through the topics and I have planned to have the 1-month period to review the material, address my weakest topics and practice, practice practice (blue box questions, EOC, Mock exams, etc).

Should I just keep going no matter these averages and focus on improving them in the review/practice period or should it be better to work on improving these averages now? Thanks for your advice :wink:

I think you should do the questions from CFA Material (I guess you can study with Kaplan), but the questions from EOCQ from CFA material are probably the closest to exam you should get, also do the questions in CFA site.

Thanks! I think you are right. I will keep going with my current scores (around 70% average) until I finish all the material and dedicate the very last month to only review my weakest topics, answer EOCQ and QBank questions from Kaplan. I have planned to do at least 5 Mock exams, ideally.

Thank you for your answer :wink:

Good luck, hope we pass.
I still have 30 readings to go, Im getting crazy recently, kinda unmotivated because theres almost no time left for that much stuff.

Thanks, good luck to you too!
I have a feeling that if we are this concerned about this exam, plus the amount of effort we are putting (I read your other posts), we are going to pass.
I also have doubts sometimes and get demotivated when a particular topic is extremely difficult for me to understand.
Let’s just try to finish all the material by May 1st the latest so we can dedicate a full month to review weakest areas and just practice practice and practice!

I will probably finish by 20 May unfortunately, I have too much stuff pending still (the 30 readings) and my personal life is being hard recently (my gf is borrowing and making me crazy, she doesn`t let me study lol)