Going to AC for anniversary. Tell me your fav spots

Looking for some upscale resturant and good club afterwards

AC is a POS

borgata has some nice places to eat and go out to.

michael symon just opened up a new joint in there.

there is also bobby flay, old homestead and wolfgang. i think jeffery zakarian has a place too.

the asian tapas place is nice too, izakaya. and of course you cant go wrong with the buffet.

me personal favorites are izakaya and michael symon.

best drunk food: noodles of the world.

best brunch: sun room in the waterclub

there are 2 clubs i recommend one is at borgata and other at golden nugget.

check out what dj is playing, sometimes you might need to buy a ticket.

Isn’t AC shut down? Like zero remaining casinos on the boardwalk?

ac revenue was up 10% last quarter


Chef Vola’s. Hands down. But can be several weeks/months to get a reservation.


whats the key to get reservation?

^obviously helps to know someone that works there, but calling well in advance also works.

Bobby Flay’s man, one of the best steaks ive ever had.