Going to get Bitcoin rich!

Watch out Nery, your 15% CAGR is going to peanuts compared to my BTC portfolio. Never done a 100% speculative investment before but now I’m going to jump on the gravy train and earn my f*** you money when BTC hits 1 million USD.

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Ur dropping 20k on bitcoin? Well best of luck my dude! I just don’t like buying things that don’t do anything productive. It’s more of a philosophy. I don’t even buy gold even though it makes sense to do so. I’d choose gold over bitcoin though, at least gold has been valued by man for at least 6000 years.

Mental accounting and all those biases covered in the CFA curriculum are pretty interesting when observed in real life and especially when you’re the one exhibiting them. I just checked my BTC account. I’m up over 20% in one month, albeit I was up over 40% like two weeks ago. Aside from BTC, I’m a 100% broad-market ETF investor, for whom a 20% gain in one month should be an extreme gain. But coming down from 40%, it seems like I’ve lost a whole lot. What was this called? Anchoring?

what % of net worth did you put to bitcoin?

Just 2%.

My god, I completely agree with Nerdy.

Thank you Elon!

These past few weeks got me a bit worried.
The market is starting to loook more and more like a mania and a bubble.
One day it will crash, I just don’t know when.

BTC or hacksaw fellas!

With all this ■■■■ going on I’m hoping we’ll see some 420k tweets from Elon regarding BTC’s intrinsic value.

TSLA jumping on that BTC bandwagon:


“Bitcoin jumped to a new all-time high on Monday after Tesla said that it had bought $1.5bn worth of the cryptocurrency in January.”

“Tesla also said it expects to accept bitcoin as a form of payment for its products soon.”

I would never have to work again if in the beginning of 2020, if I would have invested my portfolio into TSLA and Bitcoin.

lol i saw a spreadsheet i did 4 or 5 years ago. i predicted to have 305k right now. i have 550k. this market has gone bananas.

This starts looking a lot like a bubble!
My Bitcoin “investment” has now doubled in value. I made a promise to myself that this would be to the moon or bust kind of a deal. Now I’m feeling hesitant and thinking that I might just sell.

BTFD!!! !!! !! !!! !!! BTFD BTFD!!! !!! !! !!! !!! BTFD

■■■■ these limits on posting incomplete sentences!

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Crypto price trends lately like

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So crypto pricing is like a big purple kitty kat playing the drums. I knew it!!! :astonished:


Purple kitty drummer is the new mega technical breakout pattern for bitcoin👍

For Doge, it’s a double kitty-turtle breakout pattern just let the wins run

My wife: how are your CFA studies going?

Me: oh absolutely great. Super focused. Don’t worry.