Gold futures dropped the most in eight years

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It’s because the Indian buyers are being regulated

Also, the weaker INR doesn’t help the importers either

Soros is also selling apparently.

Ha! Over the past two months I’ve been thinking about shorting GLD. Maybe I will need to look into this more seriously.

Today, I think it has more to do with Europe economy. And also, people panic when they see someone like Soros sell a bunch of gold.

Guess who is still holding onto gold? Paulson.

Louis Moore Bacon has also been cutting his gold exposure.

I think TPTB are doing an excellent job of manipulating the markets to make it look like everything is ah-ok. Way to go Ben Bernak. 4th quarter GDP growth negative, yet S&P 500 back to 2007 levels. I must be missing something.

I bet you’re short or out of the market. There’s so much free money out there, the first places it goes is stocks, bonds and commodities. Why are you fighting the Fed?