Gold kicking a$$ with a stronger dollar...

imagine when the USD bear market rally ends and reverses course. Remember gold at $1,ooo? you can only wonder how high…Wow!

Recently, gold and the dollar have rallied for the same reason - flight to safety. I am bullish on gold but I don’t think it is going to get another pop if the dollar reverses course. More likely they will trade together for a while.

I get doubtful of any asset that is marketed with late night infomercials. They used to do those for MBS and Refi’s.

Yeah I remember seeing infomercials hawking CDOs, auction rate securities, and credit default swaps too. Stay away from those.

funny. so best way to invest in gold?

send $19.95 to p.o. box 7272, los angeles, california. but wait, if you call in the next 3 minutes, you’ll receive twice the amount of gold bullion! that’s a $200 value! share your fancy new worthless metal with family and friends and forget about those non-lustrous metals!

Most of the infomercials these days want you to SELL them your gold.

Haha those infomercials are great, the one with mc hammer and ed mcmahon…wow.

I’m long P90X, GGW, Sham-wow…and short my cable bill. I call it the crackhead spread.

I’ve been holding CEF.A since the 10s. Go gold!