Golden Key International Honour Society

Any members here? Any benefits?

I got an invite when I was in college but I didn’t join. I am in 3,4 different honor societies and everyone of them is useless.

in it useless like banker mentioned above

Helpful. Helped me land a sweet deal on credit card wiht Golden Key emblem

It’s something to put on the laundry list of stuff in the education section of a resume, I guess. I have received no value from this membership. *waits for the “Golden Key vs. CFA” thread…

I’m not sure about Golden Key, but I was in several honors societies in high school and college. All I got out of it, or shall I say what they got out of me, was my hard-earned money that I could have instead spent on analyzing MBA vs. CFA. SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL

I got an invite from them a few weeks ago. I figured it was useless so I didn’t join, glad to see that I made the right decision.