Golden State Warriors

This is a pretty remarkable run they’re on right now. The conversations are starting around greatest team ever, and can they eclipse Chicago’s 72-10? They’ll obviously lose or go through a rough stretch (tonight at my Celtics would be a nice start but I’m not holding my breath), but it’s hard to envision them being down long. I guess barring any injury to a key guy this could really happen.

I think what’s most refreshing is the fact that they are a team built on guys that actually played for a long time in college. Curry and Thompson both did 3 years at Davidson and Wazzu respectively. Draymond Green did all four years at MSU.

The narrative that you can only achieve greatness in the NBA by landing an all generational talent like LeBron or Durant or Duncan seems to have changed course a bit. Teams tanking to land these one and done guys out of Kentucky or Duke every year might have to second guess that strategy a bit now, no? I mean… Adam Silver literally had to bring in a guy to fix the Sixers.

Curry isn’t an all generational talent?

Some pretty interesting statistical analysis on his talent, no matter where you rank him:

Yeah, sorry. Obviously he is. My point was he was selected out of that Top 1-3 window that teams (or fans of teams) seem to gun for to pick their guy that will take them to the promised land. Kawhi Leonard also, to an extent.

Curry wasn’t even the 1st PG taken that year, he was the 3rd.

GS clearly shows how organic growth can be way more efficient/effecitve than FA acquisition or tanking. But this takes a long time, and coaches might not be willing to go through the process as they can end up just broadcasting how great is the team they built and seeing people praising Steve Kirr and even Luke Walton. Mark Jackson says he’s “absoultely winning” after leaving GS, but man… it must not be very enjoyable.

From coaches’ persepective, landing players like LBJ or KD would be ideal obviously, but tanking is really not a bad strategy as far as job security is concerned. So I think there’s inherently a conflict of interests for coaches to “restrucutre” or even build out a team. Sixcers suck and Twolves are not exactly doing great with top draft picks, but at least the coaches won’t bother questioning the narratives of achiving greatness through super stars as fans and the management are willing to wait and hope for better results.

Tom Thibodeau is a great coach but got fired because the bulls werent above 90th percentile or the bottom 10th - being good wasn’t good enough. Meanwhile Byron Scott seems to be in a good position to even return next year…as a Lakers fan living in Boston, it sucks to receive sympathy around here when I say I’m a Lakers fan.

^ Lakers need to pick things up a bit this year. The Sixers need their pick!

Wait a minute. Organic growth started and ends with the Spurs. The big 3 have remained in tack for over 15 years and Duncan graduated from college.

^ You’re right, but as you pointed out, it’s ending as well.

They acquired super star LA and a solid player David West, so even the Spurs have to change their strategy. Kawhi leonard is a home grown all star, but he’s still part of the team. And when Duncan was drafted, he was 1st overall pick, and David Robinson was already there, who was also 1st overall pick in his class.

So I’ll still argue that GS is a rare case because they truly represent something to perfect, whereas the twin towers were already great when they joined the Spurs and with that foudnation TP and Ginobili became fruition.

in tack?

are you serious rn

Streak ends at 24. Apparently they are human, after all.

Celtics should get an assist on that one, wearing them out in double OT the night before. Dammit.

GS can go 82-0 if they please. Aint no way in hell they beat the Cavs or the Spurs this year in a 7 game series

maybe it’s an act so they seem human. hmm.