I love Golden Retrievers. Why why why the Goldendoodle?!?!

This amazing breed of dog…

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  • This thing…

= WTF?!?!

NO NO NO NO!!! Please people, just stop!

With all due respect, that’s the owner’s fault, not the dog’s.

Standard poodles are intelligent, athletic dogs.

that’s awful. if I was the dog, I’m be forever shamed

Agree. Idiotic. Esp people who are seeking out that mix and are willing to pay thousands for it.

I’m not a fan, but there are far worse combinations.

^Like a “jack russweiler” or a “dachberman”?

Maybe my next dog should be a chihuabrador.

I thought as a society, we had learned to move past dog racism like this.

There are a lot of goldendoodles in my neighborhood. As I understand it, they have the temperament of a golden, but don’t shed because of the poodle.

My niece has a spaniel/poodle mix and it sure isn’t the smartest dog in the world. They sure do breed all the intelligence outta these designer dogs, don’t they?

All this talk about dogs reminds me of an oldie, but goodie…

What should you do if a Pit Bull is humping your leg?


Are not all dogs designer wolves? And did you watch the Olympics? Specifically sprinting and basketball…We certainly have designer people as well.

I was at LaGuardia airport yesterday and saw a goldendoodle being walked on a leash with an “emotional support dog” harness on.