Goldman CEO live on CNN

Chance to brush up on Ethics by Goldman CEO

watching it right now. wow, these questions are embarassing for the Senate

Let me know how it went, don’t have access to a TV right now.

You can watch it on CNN website LIVE Man…I’m learning how to use “We did not know…We did not know…” really fast !!!

They should ask them about the High frequenct trading (front running) also…

They should ask them about the High frequency trading (front running) also…

I liked how Mr. Levin was trying to shove the whole “you took our taxpayers money” argument down Blankfein’s throat.

given this whole GS thing, i’m hoping for the exam to be on: prudent investor rule, CDO/CMO, VaR and Hedge Funds, Liquidity Condunrum (a separate question per hedge),!

If Only CFAI would accept my statement " IT could have been more accurate…" if I got the wrong answer in the exam.