Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Is it easy to get into?

If you have to ask…

Does it help if starts as a risk manager?

It’s the same as any other large manager in terms of getting in. I’ve been invited to interview there for two different jobs. The first job I didn’t get after interview, and the second job I declined to interview for because it wasn’t what I as looking for. But these are client service/marketing roles.

AssetMgrWannabe Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Does it help if starts as a risk manager? Don’t know anything about their risk management career path, but I do know the front office roles are very selective (and very diverse).

how’s this job sound? Gotta love Indeed job alerts! Compliance/Investment Performance Analyst With a Twist of CA Lemons Back | Job Search | Apply to Job | Save Job | Send Job To Friend Opportunity Number: 16056381 CompanyName: CTR Professionals Location: Los Angeles, CA US Updated: 2/20/2008 Compliance/Investment Performance Analyst With a Twist of CA Lemons Long walks on the beach and a coastal breeze blowing through your hair. You watch as the sun rises and sets over the Pacific Ocean.Want to hear more…put your sandals on and pull up a chair. Leading west coast based investment management firm is seeking high-caliber candidates for their new Investment Performance Analyst.Hot, beach-worthy candidates will be a CFA Level II with 5+ years of experience in fund performance analysis, compliance, and / or regulated activities related to portfolio management.Preference will be given to candidates that have experience working withGIPS compliance related issues.You will be responsible for acting as a liaison between portfolio management, compliance, and legal departments to ensure that new initiatives and existing activities are conducted within the regulatory framework. Heavy emphasis will be placed on maintaining and updating policies and procedures for on-going monitoring of performance data and product marketing materials. In addition, you will be responsible for enforcing and administering the firms Code of Ethics program. With a BA/BS and CFA Level II or III and/or CPA required you will make their California hearts happy. An MBA will definitely get their attention and is preferred. Relocation to Sunny California is definitely an option…just South of L.A. Salary flexible in the area of $120,000+

Nice base but what the heck kinda job description is that?

I bet this is is a PIMCO job advertised through a headhunter. PIMCO is the only “leading west coast investment management firm” with offices on the beach. Are you “Hot” and “Beach Worthy”?

The point is: any large asset management firm is as good as Goldman Sachs asset management?

The point is: any large asset management firm is as good as Goldman Sachs asset management?

You got the question wrong. GSAM is an upstart asset manager.

I should clarify: GSAM is kindof like the Yale School of Management. A relative newbie, housed in a renowned institution.

AssetMgrWannabe Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > The point is: any large asset management firm is > as good as Goldman Sachs asset management? Is this a serious question? Wellington, Fidelity, Capital, TRowe, and Legg (at least bill miller before this year), are tenfolds better than GSAM. Now i see how you got your name.

I once heard a really smart investor say his broker at Goldman said this or that. Does that mean he must’ve had an institutional broker since up until now they didn’t have any retail brokers?

If I want to get into get into asset management, what kind of place I should consider to start with: mutual funds, hedge funds or large institutional asset managemet firm?

large institutional asset manager. preferably independent and not a division of an investment bank like gsam is

Danteshek, What you said is quite different from what I heard. It was told they have some talented academics (nobel prize good) work there.

Start reading Fundfire. Maybe your company has a subscription. They have articles about the various asset managers. GSAM is all glitz. They try to attract money with the latest “innovations” and usually fall on their faces. Witness the “quant” strategies (global alpha fund) that have done so poorly. Bottom line is that in this industry it doesn’t matter if you think you’ve got the most brains. What matters is that your products are the best and that you don’t screw your investors with unreasonably high fees. GSAM hasn’t done that mainly because they’re full of themselves and flat out greedy.

Thanks, Danteshek. This is really informative. What is your view as to working for a hedge fund as a career path to a PM instead of starting right away at an asset management firm. I suspect this way, you are closer to where you want to be faster.

I’m in Client Service/Marketing for an asset manager. What you describe are two different career paths. A HF manager will almost never make the jump to a traditional asset manager as a PM. To become a PM at a traditional asset manager the path usually looks like this. Analytics group (data integrity or risk management in support of trading desk) 3-5 years Portfolio Analyst for a specific sector (portfolio operations with no trading authority) 5-7 years Research Analyst 5-20 years (many people are “career analysts” some have trading authority some don’t) Research Analyst/Portfolio Manager (with trading authority) Portfolio Manager You can see that it often takes 20+ years to make PM. Most research analysts will never have this title. You have to be good and build an *outstanding* track record first.