Goldman Sachs backing Romney

Just read that Goldman has been a big time donor to the Romney campaign. That does not surprise me.

What does surprise me is that Goldman was backing Obama in 2008. Why would they (and most on Wall street) back a President that was considered the most liberal since Carter?

those stats are skewed. the numbers you read are typically employees of the not the GS front office. I expect a ton of GS money to go Barry’s way again, remember a good amount of NY bankers are northeast liberals that went to Ivy league schools in MA, CT, NY, NJ, etc (all blue states).

Most corporate donors give to both parties. It’s a standard risk reduction technique. You buy access either way, because whoever wins feels that they owe you.

They run a diversified portfolio when it comes to this stuff. They’ll fund both sides. There are ex-Goldman execs on both political parties (Rubin, Corzine, Paulson etc.)

They’ll give money to any candidate that they think has a chance and who will represent their interests. Barry has been great for Goldman. Just like Bush was. Just like Romney will be.

Tikka stick to Indian politics. Romney will get beat by 5 points minimum. Brahim doesn’t have a chance - Obama could buy the Pats with his PAC dough and still punk Romney by 3.

they’re helping make sure that Romney gets the nomination anyway.

i hope Romney wins…he looks like a Don Draper type of guy…