Goldman Sachs

Has anybody interviewed with GS recently for an associate position? I interviewed with them onsite 3 weeks ago and still have not heard from them. Should I just think I should think I am rejected or I should ask them where I am at during the process?

Probably 99% chance you didn’t get the job. When I interviewed with them last spring, I heard from them the next day after every round of interview.

Drs, Would they tell you if you are rejected?

When I was rejected in final rounds, they told me right away as well. Maybe your situation is different, and has less urgency. Have you followed up with your HR contact?

Not yet. When I was on-site, she told me I would hear from them. But I don’t know why I am still hanging. I had one 45 minute interview at job fair, one 45 minute phone interview afterwards and one on-site interviews with two different groups about 9 people total.

I would follow up with them if possible, it is good to show some level of pursuit. Is this a banking or research position?

It is a strategist position.

DRS How many on-site rounds you have in total? Thanks,

Only 2 on site One with HR, two with associates, and then on-site with a VP and the MD. BTW, this was an equity research position

Maybe they had much to drink over the holidays and forgot that they ever needed this position filled. Anyway, I also interviewed with GS ER and they got back to me immediately after everyone round. Hope you are prepared for the worst. No biggie, life goes on.

I am preparing for the worst because I sent an email inquiring my application status to the HR contact: no response. I am just frustrated that they won’t even tell you directly that you are rejected.

They won’t reject you outright if they think you might still have potential. However, they will certainly get back to their top candidates first. If I had to assess your chances, I would say they are pretty slim, but they’re not non-existent until you actually get rejected. Just understand that this is how the hiring process works, and you are also trying to find a job at a time when the job market is not very good. There are way too many people chasing too few positions, especially at GS. And whoever is interviewing you has the right to hold out as the expectation is that more competitive applicants will enter the job market around February (which will likely be a reality, as it generally tends to be). Unfortunately for job seekers, this also holds true at other firms as well from what I can tell – their hiring processes are operating in similar fashions, and getting a front-office job is pretty tough at the moment. Just try to hang in there and keep your head in the game, and hopefully things will work out.

GS or not, do you really want to work there if this is the way they are treating you?

Goldman is famous for passing resumes around from group to group. This generally means they think you’re a good catch, just not for the group where you most recently interviewed. Alternatively, given the time of year, it could simply be that a decision maker or two is on holiday. Or everyone’s working off their bonus paycheck bender. Skip the email and work the phone lines into HR to try to get your exact status.

UAECFA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > GS or not, do you really want to work there if > this is the way they are treating you? I don’t see how there’s anything wrong with how he’s being treated. There are lots of qualified candidates out there and even more mediocre ones. It is an employer’s market right now and the firm has every right to keep screening candidates till it finds the right fit.

True enough, I think I meant more to say that he shouldn’t get so worked up about it if he didn’t get a reply back.

Tough market… ain’t nothing much we can do about it.