what the hell is happening to Goldman? It’s at 99 bucks.

They are shorting themselves.

How are your GS puts doing? Hope you did not sell them at a rally.

didn’t sell them at a rally… but stock keeps down even when market rallies… I just don’t effin get it.

you shouldnt buy into things that you dont understand Comparing goldmans price now to a year ago is apples to kumquats… how does the street know what type of profits they will be able to crank out at much lower leverage levels? there are so many unknowns, and I think that is why you are seeing so much volatility…

83 now. how are ur puts?

MS 10.67 now. What gives?

Rumor has it that they had big short position in Volkswagen’s stock, which skyrocketed in the past 2 trading days. Squeezzzzzze…

those 85 puts could end up in the money