Goldmans relaxes dress code

It’s game over for suits. I’m on board with casual or no tie but what I really really cannot stand is the North American insistence on slacks over jeans and also the need to tuck in things that shouldn’t be tucked, like t-shirts, polo shirts and casual button down shirts. Everyone ends up looking like a school boy at a formal event, or like they’ve just popped in to the office on their way for 19 holes with the lads.

The most interesting thing in the article is the stat about 75% of their employees being born after '81. I’ve never worked in IB but I suppose it’s probably something you couldn’t do past 40.

It’s a must to tuck in. At the gym i took in my sweatshirt in my sweatpants, sweatpants into my socks. Look at the NFL combine at Chris Jones when you dont tuck everything in, you trip over your own piece.

ohai, you confirm?

*Goldman, no “s”

Depends on the brand of polo shirt, but many have a longer back than front so when you tuck it in and bend over it doesn’t come out. There are many brands that are made to wear untucked, like the very (in)famous untuckit guy -

I agree with your statements though.

Not sure what gringo guy is talking about. No one wears “slacks over jeans”, and no one cares about tucking in things. I doubt he has ever worked in the US for more than a casual work visit if even that.

I worked in IB and a vivid memory is sitting in a NY conference room in the summer with European colleagues with their tight fitted shirts with no undershirts. I would take a tucked in shirt over sweat marks and man-nipples 7 days a week.

that’s quite the leap of logic. Insistence on slacks over jeans meant that you have to wear slacks instead of jeans. pretty much every single bloke at my shop wears t shirts, polo shirts and casual shirts tucked into their slacks for dress down days. They look fucking ridiculous. At my last place I got told off for not tucking a casual shirt into jeans and I was probably the only person who wore jeans.

Are they short-sleeved button downs?

I’m caught between the 2 now. On 1 hand I look back and think about how I used to wear thin shirts where you could probably see my nips and chest hair in horror but on the other hand the puffy oversized shirts where you can see the end of the under t shirt sleeve looks ridiculous. Now I just wear thicker shirts.

I was taught that it’s Goldmans at Stamford

I’ll admit, slacks and a polo shirt was my go to during summer casual days. I never thought of it looking bad but ill give it to the brits, they tend to invariably have better taste in clothing. They’d come from across the pond with fine tailored suits, everything looking customized.

That said, i’d take slacks over jeans any day of the week. It’s far more comfortable in my opinion and provides greater range of motion just in case i need to ax kick some liquored up, rowdy Englishman.

^ I’m all for ax kicking Englishmen, liquored up, rowdy or otherwise.

If I worked at Goldman, I’d advocate for a dress code that allowed shorts and t-shirts.

But not cargo shorts; they’re pretentious.

They’re just chasing that “I have a summer house on the lake with a yacht” look. Not much to get worked up over.

Boat shoes. That’s something worth waging war over.

I don’t get this hype about relaxing the dress code. They make it seem as wearing a suit would be a punishment and comparable to wearing a straitjacket to work. If you’re uncomfortable in a suit it simply means that you bought the wrong suit. A well-fitting suit is comfy and looks great.

I’d rather have all men wear suits than coming to work looking like they came from a family bbq at the lake.