good bye and thanks!!!

Hey guys I am officially retiring from Analyst forum, I have decided not to stress myself over something I worked my a$$ off for, and am f**ckin still unsure of passing, Although I never thought I’d actually be in a pathetic sitiuation like this in June, I cant do anything about it, So see u guys in about 2.5 months and wish u the best of luck!!!

Exactly my thoughts right now. I’m saying good bye as well. Thank you to all of you, I have gained so much from each and everyone. It is amazing to what cooperation, exchange and mutual support can lead to. I really appreciate this forum and hope that each one of us passes come August!

Okay, but you will miss all the fun in the world posting the following subject lines around mid August! Subject: Finally, the results are out! Body: My wife’s pregnant Subject: I passed it! Body: Thanks Mylanta.