Good bye Quant, Hello FSA!

Boy, it’s only February and I’m already behind my Schwesser class (say what you will about online classes, but they give me a schedule and a timeline and worth every penny that doesn’t come out of my pocket for them!). After taking my family away to the beach in January, I came back to finish off the last half of quant and it took nearly two weeks! This was not my strong suit in L1 so I guess it’s to be expected. But I’m finally done with it (until my first review of it again in April!). Finished about 150 Qs from the Qbank with a 78% score (but trending up). Not where I’d like to be, but good enough first time through. I had to give up trying to read the CFAI texts because it was getting so slow. I’ve heard some warnings about using just Schwesser for quant, so if I have time I’ll go back on review and scan / take notes on the CFAI text. But now I’m onto the real meat of this sh1t - pie – FSA! Here my goal is to take down 90% of available points and clinch level 2. No accounting background, just a single minded focus on not having to study this stuff next year. John Harris seminar in two months will form the basis of my re-review of FSA that should put me over the top. I know some people got top scores in FSA and still failed last year. But I’m not talking about 72% here, people… I literally mean 90% ++. That’s the goal. That’s how we pass.

where you hitting the john harris seminar?


Nice- glad I wasn’t the only one who found quant “challenging”. I think I finally got it though, need to brush up a bit on time series. I am also plowing into FSA after finishing Econ a week ago. So far so good, but it is dense material, no leisurely conceptual read- you have to know all the details, hard to focus after downing bottles of red wine last night with friends. Here goes…

plyon Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > NY nice… i think im gonna hit up Chicago it should be good

roway, I completely sympathize with studying on a Sat morning, not the best feeling ever and FSA is no walk in the park either. Just started reading about intercorporate inv this morning and I feel like stabbing myself with a pencil already. Ughh, this is so painful. I’ll take quant over FSA any day.

lola wrote: “feel like stabbing myself with a pencil already” Yeah- that’s about how I felt all day- managed to read 80 pages- thats it for me today- I’m spent. Time to stuff my face with pigs in a blanket and zone out on discovery/travel channel- man was I hungover today. But I better get uesed to studying hungover, have a bachelor party in Delray Beach, a weddiing in Santa Monica next month, my wedding in Jamaica in May- I am sure as hell not going to let the CFAI books get in the way of a good time!

I hear you plyon, that is the right approach. But don’t forget that equity has a 20-30% weight on the exam (more than FSA believe it or not) and of course, let’s not forget derivatives and TB. Just finished FSA today (in time for John Harris this Fri and Sat in DC) and took me 3 wks using Schweser, doing problems and the cards. I’ll most likely review the cards this PM and take a few practice tests. Good luck.

I just finished FSA(using CFAi Text) and am about to start Quant (probably CFAI text as well) later today or tomorrow. Then on to Equity and Asset Valuation.