good grief

found on linkedin: “A CFA Level 2 Investment & Accounting Professional” Education: CFA Institute Passed Level I examination, June 2010. Level II candidate. 2010 – 2012 (expected) surprised someone that passed Level 1 would be able to have these violations so out there to the public…i almost hope CFAI nabs him for his stupidity.

He’s also a CPA. What a boss.

he MUST have that there a a snub to CFAI, it’s too blatant to be accidental. I mean come on, he describes himself as a lvl 2 cfa, AND gives an expected date… i refuse to believe he is that retarded. He should also use GIPS to claim personal compliance, and define himself as a firm… that would complete the trifecta.

looks like the set up to a Schweser “advanced” question asking whether or not he violated the code.

i see nothing wrong here…