Good idea..bad idea??

Open bar for those that passed Level III in my area tomorrow night? Not too many candidates in my county I would imagine, and even fewer that would actually show up. I’m thinking $500 to a $1000 would cover it. One drink at a time. Nothing more than say $15.00 a pop.

  1. How are you going to advertise this?

  2. Do you like sausage? Because this is what this event will get.

Oh, I don’t think I would even go. I would just send somebody to take care of the bill. Just thinking I would have liked to drink free with some people that could relate when I got notice I passed level III. So, you’re saying bad idea? I would think word of free booze would spread fast…

And definitely have the event at a place known for a little tail on Tuesdays.

And just maybe there would be a female candidate or two…or maybe not…

More likely the latter.

What is the ratio of male to female charterholders?

How was the cruise?

Maybe you can spin it somehow that makes the event cool. The way I am imagining the event, it seems pretty awkward though. If a girl shows up, I think that is even worse. Who has that gif file where they throw hot dogs at a girl’s face?

You don’t want to know. The ratio is brutal; the ratio of male charterholders to female HCB charterholders is even worse, it’s infinity.

The way to bring a crowd is to have women. So you will have to make it completely free for women (not only female CFA candidates) and have the men pay an entrance fee.

My buddy used to organize crazy parties via facebook. It was free alcohol for women and men had to pay $60 for the same treatment. The parties were packed, the ratio was equal and he never lost a cent organizing them.

Ok, so my idea sucks. I’ll just take the money and go waste it on some HCB.

Funny thing is I never buy strange women drinks. I prefer to keep the control. But I would be more than willing to pick up the tab for some soon to be charterholders.

Don’t remember much, but a lot of quality HCBs.

I realized the trick is to friend the guys (no homo) and tap into his network (pun intended). It’s difficult as an outsider to enter the inner circle of Playboy playmates and models. You’re seen as just another guy wanting to get into their pants.

I gambled next to Joe Francis at the Palms, must have been a decade ago. He had a couple playmates with him.

He screwed one in the single toilet bathroom in the high stakes room and then came out and told us about it right in front of her. He behaved like a complete tool, but for a second I considered trying to become part of the entourage. They invited me to join the “party” as they were leaving, but he was just too much of a punk.

^ A punk?! So what? Just use him for the parties and babes? Once you’re in, you’re IN. They say it’s the first Playmate that’s the hardest to get.

Amazing how many points the playmates lose when they give Joe Francis the time of day. The cute attorney from Scottsdale ends up looking like a much better option.

I only recall seeing a very few hot women taking the tests. And they were all at L1. At L2, it was 80% dude, and the 20% of chicks were all Asian or Indian, and none of them were hot.

(Of course, they’re not going to ho out and put on the LBD just to take the test, but nonetheless…)

^ I had to urbandictionary LBD.