Good idea to review basic definitions to pick up easy points

I’m seeing a pattern of easy points if you just know the definition and a few basics about a concept. Take advantage!

Word. I’m hitting the secret sauce tomorrow.

absolutely!!! i am closing up all practice exams by tonight. Review schweser only starting tmr! Saved one test for friday night.

what exactly IS this secret sauce? anything interesting/helpful?

It is a condensed version of Schweser’s study notes. It basically hits the main points of the main topics. Absolutely no detail, but helpful for quick review. I am primarily using it for this last week of studying.

you guys should write your own secret sauce.

is it like the schweser’s “quick sheet” ???

It’s more detailed than quick sheet. Around 200 page long. To me, I just re-read the Schweser notes that I’ve already read. It’s easier to digest than reading something new that I’ve never read before.