Good looking guy gets banned from Tinder for making some racist jokes

This guy probably pulls an unlimited amount of @ss without having to resort to insults, but Tinder kind of overreacted, no?

After being ignored, Vedovi started to throw insults at the girl saying:

“Ugh you ch-nks are all the sameee such a waste of time, next time don’t give out your number you dumb c-nt.”

But he didn’t stop there, he then taunted her by criticizing her appearance

“Ps you look like you’d melt in the heat. Wear less make up.”

From the desperation in his messages I would say that he does not get unlimited amount of @ss

sounds like he a faker not making 6 digits in muni income

Word is that the guy is a serial rapist bros

I’m sure rude girls who make racist comments don’t exist anywhere on tinder either. Any hookup service is a cesspool for these types.

Still looking for the ‘joke’ bro!!

Well what he wrote was racist and he was being pretty aggressive it seems. No surprise he got banned.

as a fellow gym bro and paisan, i feel compelled to defend this guy. I didnt see any racist comments on there and insulting one girl doesnt automatically make him a misogynist. He def seems like an idiot and lacks understanding that jacked italian dudes are a dime a dozen and should always present themselves in a humble manner.

^err - nevermind, read c*inks as chicks. My defense is off the table.

I think one of those decision making flow charts would be helpful here.

Are you considering making a dating profile? -----> Yes

If someone you sent a message to didn’t respond would you:

Move on with your life ------> create dating profile

Call them racial slurs and c-nts ------> do not create dating profile

My town is infested. I feel like if I’m not paying careful enough attention someone might just start giving me a haircut without asking.

As an aside can someone tell me when well fitting sweatpants became a thing men wear out?

So, obviously he’s an idiot and looks like a standard geek, so not sure where the “unlimited tail” idea is coming from. Anyhow, it was definitely fair to ban him. The girl and the journalist following him around social media, going to his (former) employer and all that seems overly aggressive, but that’s California right now.

Didn’t know about that part. Actually I only read what is written ITT.

As much as I agree that his comment was racist and aggressive and that he deserved to be banned, these a$$holes shaming people on social media and harassing them IRL deserve bad things happening to them.

The problem is that there is a demand for such “journalism”.

Outrage culture is big biz.

This dude isn’t good looking. I would concede above average. Looks like a typical accountant/actuary. His height is def an advantage to pull tail here and there but seems like someone with below average game. No way this dude is consistently pulling HCBs. It takes another level to get there.

Agreed. Good looks, swag, $$$, interesting skills/background, social capital (i.e. cool friends, access to restricted venues), knowledge of culture, well traveled, etc… This guy has really none of those, especially at 24… He is also huge prick.

I will say the public shaming was a little overboard. Getting banned was likely enough. Maybe Snapchat isn’t overvalued…

Contacting who they thought was his employer is going way over the line.

Aye, it’s something only a c-nt would do.

More screenshots of the exchange before he blew up… doesn’t excuse his behavior but at least it wasn’t like the original story portrayed.

lol this guy clearly goes on the red pill on reddit and thinks hes some PUA. What a tool, I never understood the whole negging/being an asshole thing. If you are decent looking (which this guy is, hes not great but not bad) and a nice person and actually interested in what a woman has to say, youll get laid plenty. Its really not that complicated as long as you meet the minimum of not being ugly.

hahahah fantastic, well done.