Good Luck- don't get too discouraged

I studied my @ss off for level 2.

I got 50% on the AM portion of the CFA mock exam a week before the test.

I didnt pass a single practice exam, most of my Schweser mocks were in the low-mid 60’s.

It seemed like my mind had the capcity to hold about 60% of the material, every marginal piece of knowledge I took in, I pushed something else out.

After the Am session of the exam, I felt like I’d need to kill the afternoon to pass.

I still ended up passing on exam day. Don’t leave anything on the table between now and Friday. But stop studying Friday by lunch time.

During the test, fight for every point. If you have time at the end, go back and try to solve anything you had to guess on.

Thanks man! I needed to hear this… it feels like this just isn’t happening for me! I put in plenty of hours but at this point, i need to just keep plugging away at it…

my mock scores were pitiful!

Thanks a million

If I could give you 500AF points now I would :stuck_out_tongue:

where is the thumbs up button if you really need it?