Good luck everybody

I’m going to get in a few hours of final study, and take the day off tomorrow. Thank you all for the assistance and advice, and I wish you all the best of luck on exam day.

same to you buddy, im just starting to wind down now… still debating if i should do a book7 exam or not… anyhow, good luck all

IMO, do not do any exam on 7th Book of schweser, just before exam or in the same week. You will lose confidence. Because it is much tougher than the actual exam. In the actual exam you get small (not wordy) questions and they are generally straightforward. Just repeat concepts. Good luck.

ok i think i’ll take your advice… also cos im just feeling really lazy and burnt out

Best of luck everyone… AF and everyone on it has been extremely helpful!!

I just got a huge boost of confidence yesterday from book 7…80% so it depends…are you confident? If not then don’t take book 7. Book 7 will either crush your dreams…or make you a man.

Adding my goodbyes as well, leaving for amsterdam now and not touching books anymore. A special thanks to all of you for the help and various questions posted here, they helped a lot. Good luck !

Good luck to everyone. You’ve put a lot of hours and I’m sure your hard work will pay off tomorrow. Special thanks to those of you who’ve helped me.