I hope you all pass this beast and join the L2 board. I have all the respect in the world for you underdogs out there since I feel I am one. Here is a post of mine from the December pass.,895525,895603#msg-895603 I’m sure most of you will pass, and for those who do not, December is not that long off.

Good luck to every one !!! i hope & pray that all of us will pass …

Let’s do this! Goodluck to y’all!

Aww, thanks QJMBA/DD2 Thank you!! Thank you! Feels like an AF reunion. We’re all in on this ride. To all my AF peeps…Goodluck to YOU! Its already done… Tuesday…Tuesday…Tuesday - I’m oh so ready for you.

Good luck AFers…agonizing wait…

This is it boys and girls… Its finally here… After such a looong wait…we will finally see what has already been decided… Scary…but true… Good luck to everyone…and let the games begin!

QuantJock_MBA : Thanks much for you wish. We did our part and left the rest to GOD. Good luck to all L1 June 09 candidates.

QuantJock_MBA : Thanks much for your wish. We did our part and left the rest to GOD. Good luck to all L1 June 09 candidates.

I know we all are going to pass :smiley: ! Everyone start preparation for tomorrow’s party from now :slight_smile: !

I actually forgot about all this for a few weeks. Feels like my heart wants to climb out of my chest at the moment. Good luck to all.

Goodluck Buggers!!!

Good luck to you! Good luck! Good luck!!!

we gonna make it!!! chin up lads!

Just 26 more hours! and this wait is going to be finally over. Best of luck to all !! I think most of us would want lots of that on their sides :slight_smile:

yeah good luck guys (and gals) passing L1 is a great achievement - - hope to see you on the L2 boards soon

And congrats on surviving the wait…perhaps the hardest part of sitting for LI. Good luck all!

Good luck ppl!!