Good luck everyone!!!

Lucky us for being granted the chance to get educated. I hope I have done enough and can honour that blessing by passing the exam. To all of us good luck, let’s have fun!!!

It was nice reading you!!! I used google search advanced filter countless number of times with ‘‘analystforum’’ as a website criteria anytime I needed guidance on a concept.

Flying to MANILA tomorrow for the big event :slight_smile:

Good luck to you too, and for all the forum users.

Best Regards from Mexico

GOOD LUCK for you ALL ,be confident .

Success to everybody!

It would be great to “study” together on for Level III next year! :slight_smile:

Best of luck to all those appearing for exam.

Good luck gang!

Goodluck guys!

Quote from schweser:

" you may expect me to end this introduction with a “good luck” on the exam. To me, that suggests you need to be lucky to pass level II. With your hard work and our assistance, luck will have nothing to do with it. Instead, I’ll simply say, “See you next year at level III”. "

For some reason that teared me up << probably overwhelmed by all the studying

regardless, Good luck everyone =)

Best of luck to everyone!

good luck all

Good luck everyone.

Good luck to you guys

but you guys do know that you guys scoring high marks can decrease my probability of an favorable result? :smiley:

Seeing you’ll in the Level 3 section of AF next year!

Good luck all!

Thanks for putting this into perspective, Cebu Buko - we really are fortunate to be given the opportunity to become educated.

Good luck everyone.

Nicely put. Good luck all !

Success to everybody, good luck!

Let’s do this!