Good luck are some tips for the exam

Hope you guys are ready for the exam. I would like to share my L1 experience with you …….it may help. It is a reverse psychology…. reinforcing upside rather than down side. Even if you miss a couple of questions, don’t be panic. Try to increase your strike rate. Total of 240 questions, and you can miss/make mistakes up to 72 (yes, 72) questions and still can pass the exam. Yet, speed is crucial. Mark questions that you don’t know and try to solve them at the end. Don’t waste 2-3 minutes on questions that seem too difficult for you. If you have time at the end, go back and try again. CFA sample exams are good proxies for actual exam difficulty, type of questions etc. Don’t get confused with Schwser difficulty questions. They will waste your time. CFA institute knows you have only 1.5 minutes to answer each question. So high difficulty questions might not be more than 5% (12 questions and that was my guess). Hi, you can miss/make mistakes up to 72 (yes, 72) questions and still pass. Good luck and hope you all will make it.

Hello Tom and many thanks for your support… You seem to have passed the exam… What about test/time strategy? What I do is proceed by topic (FSA, then quant, …) leaving most difficult question to the end. So a big round and then a small round if time is left… What was yours? And also is it allowed to put small marks on the answer sheet for questions we wwant to review? tks!

if you leave stray marks it could mess up the scoring system. Two suggestions: 1) if you leave a mark to remind you of questions you skipped, do it very lightly, so you can erase it easily and quickly. 2) about 5 mins before the end (NOT one minute) fill in your guesses for anything you haven’t answered. You don’t want to be caught still guessing when time is up. Also erase your light marks and decide which problems you are going to try to solve in the last few mins. (it helps if you mark the toughies in the test book too).

I marked on the left side of the exam sheet (NOT ON THE ANSWER SHEET) "skipped " (if I hadn’t tried ) and “review” (not sure answers). Exam sheet you can mark. I did not follow any particular time strategy for each session.

One week left, try not to do too much heavy studying. Flipp through all your notes and try to replay all the concepts in your head. Get a good night of sleep the night before!! Good luck to all of you!!

This time last year, I was in the morning session (last year, the exam was on 1st of December). Good luck girls and guys!

map 1: I am still left with Mock exam. Shall I do it or else continue to review weak areas.

Thanks for the words of encouragement!

geranimo Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > map 1: I am still left with Mock exam. Shall I do > it or else continue to review weak areas. If it is the mock from Stalla, leave it, or brush it up quickly and get hands on the explanations to the Stalla Mock (which is more a general review of a lot of the topics). If it is the Mock from CFAi, go ahead and do it. It is the best in terms of how the exam will be. Too bad you don’t have the time to look up the answers after you take it.