Good luck, folks!

Just a quick note from an L3 guy to wish you L1 folks good luck. If you’ve been participating on this forum, you’re already a step up from the majority of the crowd. Good luck this Saturday.

thanks, bchadwick :slight_smile: Thanks for all your help as well.

thanks bud @all others, good luck to you too…

Thanks chad! good luck with getting the charter.

thanks bchadwick:-)

thanks mate and good luck to everyone else on here =) i sorta get the “preparing for battle” vibe from everyone…i like it =)

I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has posted on this forum. I have no formal finance education, but thanks to AF, I actually think I have a shot at passing this thing!

hopefully we’ll all have a reunion on the Level II forums… =)

Yeah, its been a hell of a two weeks. Its like we are all marching into war this weekend. Whatever happens, I think AF has helped me tremendously prepare for this.

Guys, If I PASS, It’s 100% because of AF!! Hope I can make to L2 this Jan 20th. All the very best to all.

thanks and good luck everyone. AF (which means everyone here) helped me big time.

Everybody on this forum has been awesome-thanks for all the extra help and tips!!