Good luck to all FRM test takers today!

Good luck :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone! I was signed up, but decided not to do it.

just failed for sure!

was fucked up by quant tasks see you in 2009!

it was difficult more quant than CFA but it was still manageable. Let s wait and hope

It was among the more difficult tests I’ve encountered so far (including Level I). Anybody who says it’s a “piece of cake” may think again. It’s not really quantitatively oriented in the way one would think “Quant” (as in the CFA curriculum). You really needed to know your stuff in order to pick out the right answer (or plug-and-chug for that matter). That’s my view. The good thing was that you only sit for 2,5 hours and there is actually some room to spare at the end of the test so you don’t need to jot down at random the last few scantron bubbles from being so pressed for time. We were only ten test-takers at my site; and from at least five countries from what I gather so it wasn’t exactly crowded on the exam site today.

about 70 people in Dubai

35 in Houston. I think I did well considering I didn’t study. If I have to go back for 2009 I’ll have a good basis to begin a study program.

We were about 50 in LA. The test was more interesting than I expected. I did better in the morning session.

we were about 40 in sydney. i did better in the afternoon, thanks to a short nap at noon. I was short of sleep in the morning.

I didn’t particularly like the sort of Boolean format that many of the questions used, I felt there was extensive use of negations and double negations on these tests than on e.g. the tests by CFA Institute. The technique for handling these questions is somewhat different from the technique that works well with the CFA Institute preferred format. “You are the risk manager of … Which of the following statements are not correct: a) i, ii, and iv b) iii and iv c) i, ii, iii, iv d) none of the above”

nodes Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > we were only 22 in Geneva, Switzerland and only > four girls, two of them were proctors :stuck_out_tongue: Three female testtakers (30%) at my site. Two people looked like they came from India, they had their study material with them - completely worn-out binders that looked like they had once had the form of the official Study Pack - so I’m sure they did rather well. I felt rather ill-prepared compared to these guys.

frankly speaking this is the hardest exam that i ever take, and i was completely thrown out by it compared to CFA lvl 2, but i don’t think i could have been done any better either coz the questions require many layer of interpretation and surely 2 minutes per question is not enough to do that kind of question Might have been the first exam that i ever failed since secondary school…

yep,more vague and ambiguous than CFA quetions.i liked the fact that they asked some current questions :like the one on TED spread

Dsylexic Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > yep,more vague and ambiguous than CFA quetions.i > liked the fact that they asked some current > questions :like the one on TED spread But is this question come from any of the AIM that is listed? I think some of the question doesn’t really come from AIM and I don’t like the way that they ask question especially there is one question on husband mailing the wife probability problem…

We were told by our instructor that they would not necessarily stick to what was on the curriculum but that they might well throw in questions from seemingly out of the blue. PS Don’t forget we can’t make reference to individual questions on the test; I assume that’s prohibited and that we agreed not to discuss when we signed up. I don’t remember this, but I figure there must be some such clause, or ought to be.

nodes Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > oh yeah the question with the husband/wife was so > funny ! I spent so much time on this one, and I could still not get the answer. I was so mad that I couldn’t solve a simingly harmless probabilities question. for those of you who like this stuff, this is how it goes: " In a country when you send a letter through the mail, it has a 2/3 probability of reaching its destination, a man sends a letter to his wife, and does not get an answer back, given that if the wife receives a letter from her husband, she will for sure respond, what is the probability that she received the letter from the man? "


I think the letter question’ s answer is: = 2/3 * 1/3 = 2 / 9

I agree with u but 2/9 was not an option at all!!!