Good Luck to All

This will probably be my last post before the results come out and I won’t be around when they do come out, so just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck. Hope AF has a 100% success rate this year. Tomorrow I will be busy packing and hitting up the Liquor Store for a nice healthy supply that I am going to need one way or the other. I will not be roaming around here watching you guys go nutzoid looking for the slightest little hint of our fate. I’m sure it will be entertaining though. Cheers, beers and I’ll catch ya later in the week.

Enjoy, BB.

BB I say good luck because this test needs some of that to pass. I hope pass or fail things are well. Hit some of that my way I need it :slight_smile:

bb, cfa. see you on the other side, buddy.

Enjoy vacation BB. It is going to be sweet.

Thanks man and good luck to you.

Good luck BB, hope you have a relaxing & entertaining vacation…and hope we are all going to pass this thing…