Good luck to all

Gents and Ladies. I will soon have to travel extensively, and will probably not have access to AF regularly until after the exam, so I wish to take the opportunity to say an early good luck to you all. Hope that I have been of some help to some of you fellow AFers. Cheers

Thanks for all your help buddy. Good luck to you too.

Good luck elcfa. You had some great contributions and definitely helped me out. Safe travels and knock it dead.

You’ve definitely made your contribution to this site. thanks and good luck, elcfa!

Best of luck - see you on the other side!

Best wishes and let’s put this thing behind us permanently after 5/June!!

elcfa, TKVM for your so much help, you will definitely pass the exam since you are so well prepared. With my best regards.

Good Luck to you too!.. Thanks for all the help!

Thanks for your help!! Good luck.

Thanks elcfa… all the best

good luck …always found your posts very useful.

Same to you…

Good Luck bro! Don’t set the curve too high for us below average candidates.

Thanks for your help and good luck!!