good luck to everyone

since I have to travel to another city to take the exam, I am heading off now.

good luck to everyone taking the exam.

Thanks to everyone (special shout out to s2000) for all of the questions, answers, and feedback over the past 6 months.

hopefully we will all pass!

My pleasure.

Best of luck!

Good luck also! I travelled 2000 miles to my examination centre yesterday… Hopefully had enough time to acclimatise to the new time zone (and resultant jet lag from staying up wayyy to late!).

S2000, thanks for your help! You’re a genius!

You’re quite welcome.

You exaggerate. I’m a guy who has learned to do one or two things pretty well, and to explain them to others. You guys are the ones doing all the work.

Best of Luck!

Good luck with a bright mind like this enlightened tomorrow ;).

Can’t wait to get over with the exam.

Good luck to all my fellow candidates, and a BIG thank you to all the wonderfull people who helped us!

Good luck tormorrow guys! May the MPS, forever be in your favor.