Good Luck to June 2019 L1 Candidates

Results should be out for the June 2019 L1 exam tomorrow. Best of luck to everyone - I know you’re probably waiting on pins and needles.

If it turns out you passed, congratulations. Now it’s on to Level 2. As they say, the reward for finishing digging the hole is to be given a bigger shovel.

However, if it doesn’t turn out as you’d hoped, and you failed, here’s some (hopefully helpful) advice.

First, take a deep breath. Then vent some. Then go for a run or workout, scream at the sky, or do whatever.

Next, realize it’s not the end of the world (it might seem that way, but it’s not). then do some assessment:

  • First off, how close were you? If you were very close (particularly if the MPS was within the confidence interval), and if you put in the time, you should get it next time.
  • If you’re further away, the key is to be honest with yourself:
  • Did you feel like you prepared adequately, or did you slack off (or start too late)?
  • Are you willing to change your approach?
  • Did you answer enough questions (and solve enough problems)?
  • Did you neglect any areas? And so on.

The average time to completion of all three exams is something like five years, so failing one or two exams along the way is to be expected. So hang in there.

Good advice!

I never thought much about it until yesterday…now I just want to quickly see my results.

I’m here in Asia so the wait till 9pm my time is quite unnerving I must say, especially on a work day.

Good luck everyone!!!

the good thing though is that you can be alone when you get your result, not in a crowd of people (office)

good luck peeps

Thanks everyone, I passed which is a relief considering I didn’t sleep a wink before the exam as I was tossing and turning the whole night.

On to level 2!