Good luck tomorrow!

Hey ladies and gents - just wanted to wish you all good luck tomorrow. AF has a strong group of candidates, typically as a group we do better than the average by a margin. Make sure you celebrate appropriately when you receive the good news!

Any guesses on the MPS for level two CADFX?

I don’t know - 65-68%?

In my opinion it’s not worth speculating on MPS other than when you’re in exam prep review the last few weeks before the exam, because you don’t have any idea what your actual grade is and probably can’t guess accurately within 5%.

Good luck to you as well and all the others. Less than 24 hours away.

Yeah, I guess it would be unlucky of me if I deleted the email instead of openeing it.

Good luck guys! Hopefully you’ll be posting on the L3 board next year.

Why next year? I expect first new posters on L3 topic next week already. :slight_smile:

Goodluck everyone! yes


Oh right. Yea don’t do that! At least wait two weeks angry

Well. I didn’t say I will do it.

However, if I will be among the tomorrow’s winners, because of sympathy for collegaues on level 3, I will wait a couple of weeks. Also good luck to all AF L2 candidates tomorrow and all AF L3 candidates in August. yes

Well, this is not a competition. wink

All the best tomorrow!

Haha yeah CANT WAIT for all the L2 posters on the L3 forum tomorrow bearing in mind we’ll still be freaking out about our results in 2 weeks…

^ just start a thread addressing the commonly asked Qs that concerns New LIII candidates to avoid them (us?) starting multiple threads …

Good luck to every one…

Good luck everyone and let’s hope we all get some sleep tonight!

yea, we are already awake here in Nigeria, so we bear the anxiety of being awake and counting down… Positive news awaits.

HOOO HAAAA!!! Lets nail this sucker, guys!!!

We are not just awake, we are currently at work. Receiving your result while at work sucks. I just hope my errors today will be minimal.

good luck guys! It was a lonng day for me today and not at all productive…Heading to gym now and later to a bar…I already refreshed my inbox few times just to check if it’s working lol