Good Luck

Best of luck to you all on this last hurdle of the CFA program. I was in your shoes at this time last year and remember how stressful it can be. Just keep at it 150% until test day and you will pass.

ahhh thank you!

Good Luck. I was in your shoes in 2005 and 2006, eventually passing in 2006. Keys for me: - doing all the questions in the textbooks. - working out and relaxing Don’t beat yourself up if you tank the online exam. I scored a 50 and decided that I wasn’t going to take another online exam. I then focused on the schweser exams and did fine. I also tore apart all of the long IPS essay questions. You need to nail this question and understanding the old questions backwards and forwards will allow you to do this. Please, work out. Walk around the block a few times. Do something to relax. If you don’t then you will tense up during the test and not have access to the information that you already know. Good Luck!

Same here. Took it and passed last year. Keep focused as all hell that last week and try to time your peak (while balancing not getting burnt out). They definitely give a lot of partial credit in the am. If you’re stumped on something, just keep it short and throw as many buzzwords in as possible. Good luck to all…