Good Luck!

Guys, good luck from a guy who failed L3 in 05 and passed L3 in 06. Extra advice for you. If you have some time at the end of the essay exam, go through each question of the essay exam to ensure that you (a) put the answer in the box if provided (b) didn’t miss any hidden questions. During 2005, there was an essay question with multiple sections. The second section had a box. After doing the essay section, I had around 15 minutes. I went back meticulously through every question to make sure that I had answered all of them in the appropriate places. Well, after than box, I noticed another softball question. It was hard to see in that it was under the box or on the next page. After the exam, I chatted with people and sooooo many people missed this softball question and left the question blank. Do you know how depressing it is to miss a softball question that you never saw because you didn’t take the time to review the entire test? You can’t afford to miss these. Rather than being cool, finishing early and walking to the front early with your exam…go through each question. Start with question one and make sure you hit everything in the space provided. Look for multiple pieces of a question. When the box is for question 5 part c…look for question 5 part d. I have found that the latter pieces of a question are typically quick answers that are easy. Don’t miss them. Also, write legibly. I would carefully plot out my answers prior to putting them into the box for the answers. Bullets are great. Don’t bombard the graders with extra crap. They want to give you points. Anyway, good luck. You guys have worked so hard. Prior to the exam, walk around the block or park. Relax. Take a steam. Do something to get your mind off the test. It will help you get this information out of your brains.


Thanks for the advice!

thanks for the info. where do you put your answers if there isn’t a box provided? is there a seperate exam booklet?

Try not to pass this year. The fewer new charterholders there are, the more caché we blessed CFA’s have. Maybe get yourself really hammered Friday night and wake up 4 minutes before the exam actually starts…hell, I’ll buy you the first couple of rounds! Don’t try too hard to fail though - the CFAI will take care of that for 65% of you anyways.