Good Luck

Willy, Halifax, Good guy, comp sci, chadwick, babbu and everyone else, good luck and I really, really hope that if I pass II, I dont see any of you guys here next year.

CASPIAN!!! I hope you are here next year, wait I don’t hope, I know you will be here next year!!! But I hope that I’ll only be here in a support role.

hey caspian best of luck

caspian, good to see you pal. I may be here, but so will you! I just can’t get enough of this place. Good luck my friend!

Even if I pass, I may still hang out in the general discussion forum; it’s likely that I’ll have forgotten too much to be useful on the L2 and L3 forums, though. :wink:

How did these guys do?

I saw willy and Chadwick passsed, as did warewolf, so congrats to you guys!!