Good Luck!

I wanted to wish everyone on this forum good luck for the remaining study days and the actual exam this coming saturday. I passed L3 last year and know what all of you are going through at the moment. All advise you can get is available somewhere on this forum. However, I just wanted to encourage you to not give up during the exam and watch the time in the morning session carefully. For some reason I penciled in a wrong time for the IPS section of the morning part of the exam after looking though the exam booklet. After 1h into the exam I realized that I was way behind and almost panicked. I was close to giving up as I had little time left to complete 6 or 7 remaining questions. I somehow managed to get some points on the AM section and thought to myself that the PM part cannot get any worse. PM in 2008 was indeed relatively o.k. and I ended up passing. So, watch your time carefully and do not get disencouraged. There will be strange questions and stuff you do not know. Just keep on fighting for every point! Study hard, rest on Friday, and keep calm. I wish you all good luck!

Thanks! See you on the other side!