Good Luck!

See you guys on the other side!

Yes, good luck everyone!

Books are closed. Good Luck everyone.

Books are closed indeed! Good Luck!

Done! (studying that is). Good Luck everyone!

Just started studying tonight. Man there is alot of stuff. Should I use Schweser or the CFA books? Anyone?

don’t bother. The exam is open book. Bring all of your materials to the exam and insist that the door person lets you in with them.

Just give FRA a quick glance and youre set

What’s an FRA? Just kidding guys! Good luck tomorrow everyone!

Good luck

yes! Good luck everyone. Books closed.

lol, hilarious thread. good luck, everyone!

Good luck everyone!

I am registered for level 2 but been using the level 3 prep materials… It is the same thing right ? I should be fine…

Seems like im the first one to sit for the exam in 3 hrs… Good luck everyone i hope this hard work pays off!

All the best everyone, especially bilal, i guess u r the earlisest… :slight_smile:

good luck to all i will leave in 10 minutes, exam is in 1.30 hrs