Good Ole Days

That Alabama kid who teabagged the passed out LSU fan just got 50k bond. Will probably have to register as a s$x offender or some shiz.

I say that was a good prank. Maybe deserves some punishment but he was already fired from his job and I think jail and s$x offender registry is too much.

What say you?

While I wasn’t aware of this specific T-bagging incident I say leave people alone. The US has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the prisoners, guess they are trying to up that figure by criminalizing T-bagging. Jeez.

I really despise that sort of behaviour so even though I don’t think he should have sex charges brought against him, I do hope that he pays in some way for what he did (i.e. legal fees and lots of stress).


I’ve got no problem with that punishment.

Why are we defending someone who drops his balls into the mouth of someone who is passed out in a restaurant - for someone to record and put on youtube?

I’d also like to get a notification anytime a Bama fan moves into my neighborhood.

i need to see this…i suppose he did it to another guy? if its a girl, i can see how this is sexual assault…

teabagging is funny…

Not a crime. Prank. Get over it.

I have not seen the video, but the decription given in the link above is “thrusting his genitals against the face…” That’s not teabagging to me. Not sure something like that should result in being on the sex offenders’ list for the rest of your life, but not a harmless prank either.

I’m so grateful that in my college days there was no Youtube and people didn’t have a camera handy all the time.

against the face isn’t nearly as bad

I don’t believe there is “thrusting” involved in a proper teabagging.

If it was someone I knew, I’d be super pissed, but I’d get over it.

If it’s someone I didn’t know, my reaction would be considerably more irate and “I’m going to kill/legally suit you” ish. Plus, technically, you can still get STD’s like the Herpes that way.

As an LSU fan, I find this doubly offensive.

But at the end of the day, I think the sex offender list is definitely going too far. This guy is obviously not what people envision when they consider that list.

was he dipping or thrusting? if he was he is doing it all wrong…you don’t thrust a teabag, its a gentle dip…

did hte balls actually land on his face?