Good online review courses


I’ve been hearing a lot about the Creighton boot camp and other such review courses. But, I’m from India and we don’t have such stuff happening here.

So I wanted to know if there are any good review materials that I can order online including videos, secret sauce, exams apart from the regular course books and schweser stuff that we generally use.

Excuse my ignorance but I’ve never used this extra stuff on Levels I & II, so I’m completely clueless about it. I’m especially interested in those which could give me tips on how to attempt the individual & institutional IPS questions.

If Marc LaFabre is still teaching the Schweser 13 week online course, I would highly recommend it.

I personally think the best way to make the Secret Sauce for L3 is through taking extensive personal notes as you go through the material. It is tedious, but you will really appreciate it in last few weeks.

Other than that, focusing on the past exams, blue box examples and EOC is pretty imp too.

Good luck

ask monk and do the opposite


Can I get some serious answers please?

^ Yes shilpi we have a location constraint having no access to bootcamp etc. Nevertheless, there are various other ways make urself thru & crack this CFA nut.

My suggestion would be to switch to CFAI books if you’ve read through SCH so far. Supplement these with SCH books & also SCH videos which are easily available atleast in Mumbai. Finish the curriculum early & start reviewing with actual CFAI exams till 2007 at min. I prepared for IPS ques thru SCH videos, CFAI blue boxes & CFAI actual exams right uptill 2002-3. I have posted in other threads my way through from 2011 exam to 2012 exam. From Band 3 fail last year to this year pass. :slight_smile:

Happy to help. All the best!

Thanks Rahul. Band 3 to pass is a great achievment, even I was a band 4 this year. Hopefully I’ll translate that into a pass next year.

I was in Mumbai for a year, just moved back to Delhi recently. I know the videos would be more easily available in Mumbai, will try looking if I can get them here as well.

^ FYI, those can be couried to you as well by the vendor.


Mastering CFAI books and past CFAI AM examinations should be enough to pass. The subject material is not so hard. You just need to concentrate and practice. Start early and keep at it.