Good podcasts you listen to


Do any of you listen to current affairs or topical podcasts? i.e. science, religion, economics, news, comedy etc etc.

I listen to James O’Brien on LBC who debates current affairs every weekday. And I listen to Boris Johnson and sometime Nick Clegg on the same radio station.

Do you listen to anything interesting as I’d like to broaden my listen’o’sphere.

The Best of MIke & Mike.

Adam Carolla

I like Boris Johnson, a lot…but Nick Clegg? wow! Are you a lib-dem?

On topic, I use audio books

Adam Carolla

Scottrade Trader Podcast Series


Freakonomics Radio

How Did This Get Made is amazing

Freakonomics is good too, I’m assuming you have also listened to Serial?


It covers the market place lending sector. Which of course, includes… LendingClub!