Good Practice Material Sources for Level 2

I believe a common problem that people who fail to clear Level 2 face is a lack of practice problems and focus too much on readings. I also feel that some of those who give Level 2 are still in the Level 1 mode and hence it is in everyone’s interests to understand that vignetters require more dilligent preperation/practice/confidence compared to the level 1 structure.

The qbank in my opinion is a waste of time as a vast majority of its questions are structured in the level 1 format. I believe candidates should strictly focus on only the advanced questions which are listed in vignette style as far as qbank is concerned.

However apart from past CFA Institute mock exams are there any other sources where a candidate can get plenty of Level 2 practice questions which are structured properly in accordance with the Level 2 requirements in vignette format. I believe this thread should focus exclusively on that for the benefit of those who will battle to retake this exam again.

haha i just posted this question too!